Bookkeeping Service

Harmony & Co. provides our clients with quality bookkeeping at an affordable price. We have two main packages - Standard and All-In-One Package. The Standard Package comes with the usual bookkeeping features while the All-In-One Package combines both bookkeeping and payroll service into one package to provide our clients better savings. At Harmony & Co. we take the hard work of data entries out of your business and allow you to spend more time on what you do best - running your business.



What are the advantages?

·     Access to your latest financial statements and reports anywhere, anytime.
·     Low cost - Save over 50% compared to a traditional bookkeeper.
·     Eliminate the need to visit your bookkeeper/CPA office.
·     More time to concentrate on running your business.


What types of services are available?



Check out our most popular service for small businesses.  All-In-One is a small business package which combines both bookkeeping and payroll services.  With this option, a self-service payroll comes free with your bookkeeping service.  For payroll service, enter the hours for your employees, review it, and print payroll checks at your own office for your employees.  We will take care of all your payroll taxes.

Service Comparison Table